Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Not To Do With an Overhead Crane. Hanging from one is definitely on top of the list. I am not quite sure the point of this. Obviously it was a situation where the guy was trying to impress someone. Overhead cranes are never meant to pick people up. This is an obvious OSHA violation. If this character ever got hurt the company definitely would be fined. I would hope that this occurred after management went home. Someone hoisted this kid into the air and watched him do this. People who takes a crane for granted can get seriously hurt. You should never trust the equipment is always going to work. The more cautious you are the less likely a crane accident will occur. 73% of all crane accidents are caused by the operator. 26% are caused by the failure of the equipment. You should always familiarize yourself with your crane and the regulations that govern them. You can find this regulation in OSHA 1910.179.N.5. While any employee is on the load or hook, there shall be no hoisting, lowering, or traveling.

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